Travel; A Joyous Experience Everyone Should Enjoy

Travel for some is a necessity, a luxury, or a pleasure. People travel for different reasons; business or work-related, a well needed vacation, to participate in a celebration – wedding, birthday, anniversary, the annual family reunion, for the adventure, etc. In most cases, travel is an escape. It takes us away from the everyday hustle and bustle of our lives. It temporarily removes us from our environment and transplants us into a welcomed oasis.
There are places to travel to escape the winter blues and go bask in the sun. There are places to travel to switch up from the warm climate and go frolic in the snow. Some people love water so they migrate to an island that has the prettiest and most pristine beaches that connects to the sparkly waters of the ocean.

Some travel to visit the world’s most famous landmarks; The Eifel Tower, The Basilicas of Rome, The Taj-Mahal, The Pyramids of Egypt, Big Ben, Times Square, etc.
Though there are many reasons people choose to travel, the end result is the same, it takes people away from the usual and creates an experience out of their ordinary. At the very least, it’s a chance to change their scenery and experience a change in the weather.

Oddly enough, with all the joys of travel, there are still some people who have not experienced travel. There are some people who never left the 5 mile radius of their neighborhoods. Whether it is out of a fear of flying, the discomfort of the bus or train, or the belief that they cannot afford to travel, they have not experienced anything outside of their routine lives.

Travel is an experience that everyone should enjoy. Travel opens our eyes to different cultures and people. There are different foods, languages, styles, traditions out there to enjoy. Travel can be a learning experience. It allows us to see and learn more about the places we’ve seen in history books, magazines and television.

There are different options in travel; land or cruise, domestic or international. There’s budget travel, luxury travel and there are options in between. Broaden your horizons! Leave the mundane and visit the extraordinary. Step out of your usual routine and enjoy a new travel experience.

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As of January 2013, I am working extra hard to obtain Financial Freedom. I endeavor to make 2013 my year where I make some serious money online. I have my own online business, I am using all avenues to propel my business to the next level and I am going to enjoy the road to Financial Freedom.
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